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In gastroenterology there is no noninvasive monitoring tool besides the stethoscope, which was invented in 1816. AbStats® aims to change that. Our Acoustic Gastro-Intestinal Surveillance (AGIS) biosensor monitors human digestion using acoustic signals, filling an unmet need in postoperative care and potentially saving significant time and money for patients and hospitals alike.

Learn about the AbStats technology from our investigative team of doctors and researchers in this video presentation.

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How are gastrointestinal disorders currently diagnosed? How meaningful are bowel sounds? What can AbStats do that current diagnostic tools can’t? Get answers to these and other questions from a doctor with first hand experience.Learn More
Using AbStats to monitor the millions of abdominal surgery patients and shorten their length of stay could save U.S. hospitals billions of dollars a year. Find out more about the market potential for AbStats in postoperative care. Learn More
AbStats offers a novel way for patients and providers to track disease between scheduled visits, offer members of the general public a way to quantify their own physiology, and ultimately have a powerful value proposition to payers.Learn More