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When GI Logic, its partners or its products get a mention in the media, we’ll post it here.

AbStats listens to gut sounds so you don’t have to

August 14th, 2014|

(medGadget) -- Post-operative ileus (POI) is defined as “the absence of intestinal peristalsis without mechanical obstruction”. It is a serious condition that can make recovery from surgery a challenge. Now a new device developed at UCLA that autonomously listens to gut sounds to evaluate how things are moving down there has been shown to be [...]

To eat or not to eat

August 12th, 2014|

(UCLA Newsroom) -- A disposable plastic listening device that attaches to the abdomen may help doctors definitively determine which post-operative patients should be fed and which should not, an invention that may improve outcomes, decrease healthcare costs and shorten hospital stays, according to a UCLA study.